The Twisted Journey is about the ups and downs of living with a mental illness. I have struggled with depression most of my life and avoided professional intervention for fear of rejection and discrimination. However, at 33 I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder alongside depression and anxiety taking this avoidance out of my hands.

My journey is known by very few in real life and those who do know, it’s just a snippet. I feel isolated and each day is a constant struggle. I often find it hard to do anything and the fact that I keep breathing and my heart carries on beating is a mystery to me.

The posts contain my life, things that have happened to me, or are thoughts and feelings at a specific time. I am writing to help express the words I struggle to say aloud. I am telling my story in the way that I need to. Some things may not make sense, somethings may be triggering; but each word is honest and real. These words need to be said no matter how vile they may be.

I also write because I know how alone, isolated and scared I have felt. If I should write one thing that someone can relate to and feel that they are not alone, then sharing my story is worthwhile.

Thank you for finding my blog and for reading.

If you are on Twitter you are welcome to follow me: @Lib_fallenangel

Best wishes,



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad you’ve chosen to share your journey – I know what you mean about feeling isolated, and I completely share your feeling about not knowing how your body keeps going, when your mind and emotions are in such a state…..


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