Neverending circle

Sometimes I wonder what the point is. I take steps forward only to take several more back. 

It’s tiring mentally, emotionally and physically. 

This time last year I was on subutex contemplating if I was really ready to detox from it completely. I had started at university only a couple of months previously and the fogginess in my head was causing problems. 

It has been 11 months since I detoxed from subutex. I completed my first year of uni despite the struggles which threw themselves at me througout the year. I did far better than I believed was possible and felt a real sense of achievement. I stuck my fingers up at those ‘professionals’ who laughed at me and my desire to be a therapist. That was such a satisfying feeling to have. 

But since the start of the new academic year in September, I am struggling with terrible social anxiety. I have panic attacks just from the thought of having to sit in a lecture with other students, having to interact and make conversation with them. 

I feel myself becoming more and more anti-social and withdrawn from everything. I want to hide from the world most days and just cocoon myself in the safety of my home. 

I may be clean and sober, but the reality is that the addiction I had was just covering up the depth of my mental illness. It has been there for at least 25 years (I’m 37 now), and in one form or another I’ve used ‘unhealthy’ methods to get through the days, weeks, months and years. 

Now I am having to face things head on and it’s really fucking hard. I cannot begin to express how much I would like to take some of those little white pills which numbed things. I am missing that feeling of oblivion which got me through those tough days. 

I am still attending my counselling sessions with my psychotherapist and I know that in the last 6 months or so we have started to make some progress. Building up trust and being capable of participating fully in the counselling process has taken time but thanks to my therpist not giving up on me, I’ve begun to open up about the trauma I have experienced. 

I knew it would be tough, but these swings and roundabouts with my mental health is exhausting. My moods are all over the place. I can’t sleep most nights and there are days when I just can’t find the motivation to do anything.

Its so fucking frustrating. I worked bloody hard to get clean and make it through the first year of uni. I don’t think I’ve ever realised how much of a mess my head really is. BPD is a bastard to have to live with. 

I don’t care what anyone says about diagnosis etc, I’ve learnt enough during the past 12 months through the degree and counselling sessions to know that things for me were doomed pretty much before I was born. 

Its a long story and not for right now, but what i can say is that everything that happened to me throughout my childhood, adolescence and my early twenties has impacted on where I am today. There’s no escaping it. I am unstable, I am scared of attachments to other people, I am scared of being on my own, I am paranoid and alone. 

I want to bury my emotions, thoughts and feelings so that I can just get on with my life. I am impulsive and more often than not self-destructive. I feel empty and worthless, filled with self-loathing and anger at myself. I rarely know who i am or who I want to be. I feel lost. 

4 thoughts on “Neverending circle

  1. I was just thinking about you this past week. So glad you posted. {Hugs}
    Yes, it’s so very hard having a mental disorder, going to school and taking care of a family. And here you are doing all of that. You deserve more credit than you give yourself for that. I feel that after the year you’ve had, taking some steps back are ok on your road. No one can know exactly how you feel, so don’t think that you can’t stumble and carry on. You’ve done some pretty amazing things. Getting sober was no easy decision or easy task. It’s ok to look back on the times you used to numb things and get through life. And think of it as your brain and body still adjusting from detoxing.
    You’re getting there, and you are so much further than where you started. 💖


    • Thank you lovely! How are you doing? Hope things are going well for you.
      It’s funny, the past year feels surreal. I essentially know I’ve come a long way and achieved a lot and i feel proud of that. Right now though things feel tough and being in a sober state with no self-harming and other wreckless behaviour is proving incredibly difficult. Everything feels more intense and its not something i know how to deal with. Im trying to keep focused on the good but sometimes it feels much easier to say than to do. One thing which does help is knowing that there is support and friendship when i share things.
      Thank you for being a friend and for caring. It means a lot to me. Sending huge hugs xxx

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      • I’m ok. Always tired, and getting close to my emotional snapping point (and you know, we are the crazy one even though we deal with SO much more than muggles). I hate the holidays more and more as time goes by.
        Feeling things even more intensely makes it harder to cope. And it is easier to say I’m focusing on the good than doing it. Those lies we tell others and ourselves just to get attention off of us.
        I am very proud of your sobriety. You really are doing alot to work through everything, and I commend you for all of it. {Hugs}

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  2. Hang on in there lovely. I am sending you huge hugs and if you fancy a chat then email me. I am always here to offer support where I can. xx


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