Day 18/30 Something you’re proud of

This really is a no brainer. I’m exceptionally proud of my children.

My eldest is almost 17. It feels insane to think she’s almost as old as I was when I had her. It has most definitely not been an easy journey for us and she isn’t flawless. However, despite the pitfalls, the mistakes i have made, she is someone who I am very proud of.

She has a fierce loyalty to her friends, warm and compassionate. She is always there during times of trouble and has often gone out to show support to a friend even when she’s not feeling great herself.

She may be moody and bad tempered at home, but if anyone upsets any of us she is there being protective and defending with all she has. If one of the little ones is hurt she is there with a hug and empathy.

Whilst I have been unwell she has been incredibly supportive and understanding. I know it’s not easy for her, but she makes my life a little easier just by being here. When things have been bad between my husband and I she has been there for me with such huge strength and love that it has overwhelmed me how much she really does care…I’m so proud of who she is as a person. She has a beautiful soul with huge amounts of love to give. She and I have grown up together and I would have to say that despite the tantrums and rows she is my very best friend.

My second daughter is 9 and so different from her sister. She is academically a hard worker and enjoys reading which her big sister doesn’t. She is incredibly outgoing and bubbly. She’s funny and creative. At school she is really sporty playing football and rugby as well as doing karate. She loves singing and dancing and is actually really quite impressive.

At parents evenings I get told what a delight she is to have in the class. How helpful and respectful she is. She has a smile that can literally make the sun shine even on the cloudiest of days.

At almost 10 she is very much her own little person. She doesn’t follow a crowd, does her own thing and is the biggest Tom boy I know! Frills and dresses are a huge no-no. She doesn’t play with barbies or dolls and keep pink well away from her!

Despite her Tom boy behaviour she is a very sensitive child and we often have lots of tears. She likes to be in control of things and tends to bottle things up. These past few months she has been getting some additional support at school and they have been helping her to let go and open up more.

Like her big sister she is loyal and deeply caring to her friends and to us as her family. She’s changing all the time and is a delight to hang out with. I’m very proud of her and the person she is becoming.

Finally there is my son. He is so different from the girls yet so similar too. He was born with the cord around his neck and was bright blue/purple. He didn’t make a sound and I thought he had been still born. He was tiny. He blew my mind from the moment he was born and continues to do so everyday.

He wants to be independent and grown up. No kisses at school, at least not so anyone can see! But at home he is more than happy to have lots of kisses and cuddles. He’s a real softy.

He likes his computer games and lego etc, but he’s also really into history and science. He reads really well and is doing better at school than I imagined he could.

He is like his sisters with his friends and is a good boy most of the time.

Tomorrow is his 8th birthday. I can’t believe how time has flown. He was such a tiny little thing with a horrible reflux. He never complains about being sick or having to take medicine. He just gets on with it. He’s a tough little thing that’s for sure.

Being my only son he is my favourite boy in all the world! I cannot imagine my life without my little man and when he went missing for those 45 mins it was more than I could bear. He’s the baby of the family too which makes the milestones bittersweet. It’s great to reach them but knowing that we won’t do them again makes me feel sad. I wish I could freeze time and keep them all as they are.

My children are by far the very best thing I have ever done. They are hard work at times and I could bash their heads together. But they are also the people who can make me smile through my tears and with a hug can make me feel safe again.

I’m proud of who they are, the fact that they are good children with strong morals and such fierce loyalty to their friends and to each other. They may fight but deep inside I know they will always be there for one another.

Just thinking of each of them as I write this has me smiling and my heart swells with pride for each of them. I feel incredibly lucky to have them.

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