Rejection and Abandonment – TW – Abuse, self-harm and suicide



 The pain of rejection and abandonment fills me so deeply that I can feeling it seeping further into my soul.

It destroys each little cell in my body one by one, second by second, hour by hour, day by day.

It feels like a battle that no matter what is done it can never be won.

I want to rip my flesh into strips

I want to feel the sting and the pain

See the drops of blood fall and hit the floor

Searching for oblivion

Pills, pills and more pills

Never quite enough

A failure

A loser

Ugly and fat

A whore

Selling my body just to feel loved

Never good enough

Always a let down

Desperate and weak

Boundaries there to break

Not understanding, not knowing

A little child inside

Feeling unwanted

Feeling a freak

Laughed at and bullied

Never fits in

Heart break and pain

A never ending fear

Touch me and love me

Just so ashamed

No one protects me

No one cares

Lost and alone

Beaten and damaged

I hide

Don’t let anyone in

Rejection is abound

Disgust and hatred

Dark and Evil

Nothing will ever change

Darkness consumes me

My heart turning black

I want to give up now

I just want to die

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