Day 9/30 – How you hope your future will be

the future is ours to create



How do I hope my future will be?

Happy! I hope that I will have learnt how to manage the BPD, that I will have control over any addictive and self-destructive behaviour. I hope that I will still be married and in love with my husband and that he is still my best friend and soul mate.

I hope that my children will have happy and successful lives and careers and have their own children to love and whom I can spoil! I actually can’t wait to be a grandmother. I love babies and the idea of having grandchildren is something which I know I will love.

Anything else will be a bonus. I don’t want a lot really other than to have made my life worthwhile. To make all the pain and heartache into a positive in my life rather than the negative that it is at the moment.

The future is an open book full of infinite possibilities, wherever it takes me is part of the journey. I would just hope that one day my life will be filled with laughter and happiness. That I have been able to leave all regrets in the past and moved on from them. But whatever happens, I know that this is my life and that if I want this the hard work to get there is only just starting and that it is going to take time. I have dreams and these will be what I aim to achieve. I hope that I don’t cave in and give up, that the fighter in me will keep fighting for that better tomorrow.

Never stop dreaming




One thought on “Day 9/30 – How you hope your future will be

  1. You wont cave in, i wont let you 🙂 you will be happy and there will be lots of laughter whenever you see me which will be a lot hopefully! Remember the future is yours to create xxxxxxxx


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