Day 7/30 Zodiac sign and if you think it fits you

I have been putting this off for ages but I have decided that I can’t any more. I promised myself that I would do this challenge no matter what, so here we go…DAY 7

I am a proud LEO!! But I would confess that there are many traits of a Leo that just don’t seem to be me…or maybe if I was more confident they would be. I found a website that gave a brief breakdown of Leo so that I wouldn’t bore us all to tears!

What the website said:

Personality traits: Ambitious, proud, risk-taking, affectionate, passionate, gregarious, strong minded, powerful, dramatic.

What I say: 

Personality traits: I think that if I am honest I am all of these things. Some of them will depend on my mental health and what is going on for me. I am probably dramatic when things are tough and I am panicked. Powerful is an interesting idea. I think when I was younger I certainly liked to think of myself as being like this. I can be a leader and this is when I feel powerful to some degree, but I don’t think that I am this way that often. 
Can also be: Egotistical, opinionated, bossy, demanding, possessive, impulsive, melodramatic.

Hahaha! I can be all of these! Some more than others. The only one that I am not overly bad at is being demanding. I can be when I have to be, but generally I have to be pushed to be like that. Its not something I like to be so avoid it as much as possible.

In a relationship: Passionate, playful, sensual, adoring, generous, loving, demonstrative, jealous, possessive, demanding.

I am again all of these things except for the demanding. I don’t think I am demanding, but those who have been in relationships with me might beg to differ! I can get jealous and when I am insecure I will become possessive. But generally speaking I think that this is fairly accurate.

Likes: Being noticed, being appreciated, leading, passion, drama, receiving gifts, family and friends.

I think all these are fair. I don’t like being ignored and being made to feel invisible. Actually the one that I disagree with is drama. I think that I have had enough drama in my life that to have something to be straightforward for once would be nice. I am not sure if I could handle it though, but the thought of it is something which I really like!
Dislikes: Feeling unnoticed, excessive demands, criticism, nagging, deceit, apathy, boredom.

I dislike all of these things some passionately. Deceit is one which I probably dislike the most along with criticism. I don’t take some criticism too well. It depends who it is doing the criticising and what its about.


So, having read through these I would say that this accurately describes me. The ones which are more detailed there are certain things which I completely disagree with, but I am proud to be a Leo. I have always loved the time of year, the fact that my symbol is a lion. I am deeply passionate about lots of things and hold my close friends and family close to my heart. I am generous and this can lead to people taking advantage, but its who I am. I wouldn’t change any of these things about me. I think that they are just a small snippet into what I am like as a person and to really, truly know me you would have to spend time in my company and make your own mind up.




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