When the shit hits the fan

Today the shit has hit the fan and the post i had written i managed to lose.

Life is bollocks, I’ve fucked up everything and my marriage has disintegrated into dust. I have no idea what is going to happen but i do know that right now the only reason im here is because i dont want to fuck up my kids any further. I have caused enough damage to them and i wont cause any more.

I am going to keep posting on here, but im going to take some space from twitter. This automatically posts to twitter so you will be able to stay informed and know im still alive and kicking. I am of course always here for all my friends, i love you all and you all mean the world to me. Please do not worry about me. I am trying to salvage what little is left of my marriage after the huge and disturbing row we had. Many of you have said lovely things about me, but i am not brave,  inspirational or any of those things. I am a coward, a bitch s nightmare to livr with and a complete screw up. Im am not worth u time and energy. I will fuck up things one way or another because this is what i was born to do.

I am going now because i cant think any more, evrything is jumbled and i just need to go.

Thank you to everyone of you for your supprt. You mean everything to me. Please look after yourselves.


10 thoughts on “When the shit hits the fan

    • Thank you for your support. I will keep fighting and I hope that I will get through too! Huge hugs and much love to you xxxx


    • Thanks for your comment. I hope that I can get things back into balance at least no matter where that may take me. I will, and thank you for all of your support. Much love xxx


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