Day 6/30 – 30 Interesting facts about yourself

Hahahahaha! Interesting facts…OK, I knew this one was coming and I really don’t know anything that is interesting about me, but here goes…..deep breath….

1) I am really good at swimming. I love it. I didn’t learn until I was 7, but once I got the hang of it I was off. From being in the shallow end just a few months previously I was representing my school in swimming galas. My favourite stroke is front crawl, I can do butterfly and I used to be able to backward flip into the pool from a diving board….dont think I could do that now though!

2) I am good at maths! I got an A* for my GSCE coursework and an A for the exam…I started it for A levels but shit happened so it didnt go according to plan. I have considered many times of becoming a maths teacher, but I think that is only if nothing else pans out and will be working with adults.

3) I hate mushrooms. The smell, taste and texture…..JUST YUCK!!!! I also really hate fish – any fish at all….

4) My craving in the first few weeks of my pregnancies and at the end was for mars ice cream bars. They come in boxes of 8 and I could eat them all! 😀

5) When I am well I LOVE concerts. I have seen Madness, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Take That. We got tickets to Live 8 in 2005…was amazing and last year I saw Rihanna and David Guetta…..I have seen far more but we would be here all night. I dont like crowds but I love the atmosphere and when you can feel the music through your body it makes me feel so alive. Looking forward to being well enough to go to one again.

6) I love gaming. I am not well enough right now, I can’t concentrate but when I am I enjoy playing on consoles and getting lost for a few hours in some adventure and great graphics.

7) From number 5 you can see that I like music, but what I didnt say is that I love music with a passion and if I was more creative I would like nothing more than to write and produce my own. Sadly am not gifted in this way so instead I enjoy what others can produce. The only music I dont enjoy purely because it triggers me is classical music. I play the flute and piano (not well) and used to be in a choir. I love trance and rock especially but to be honest as long as there is a good melody to it, I will like it!

8) I am a PHILE!!! For those of you who have no idea what that is, its the name given to BIG fans of the X Files. I love it, last year when I was unwell I watched all 9 seasons and both movies back to back 4 times over about 4 months. I couldnt sleep so I would watch it all night. Two years ago I went to a comic con and got to meet Gillian Anderson (girl crush – I couldn’t speak lol) as well as a couple of others. I have loads of stuff from when it was a massive thing on TV and confess to being a complete geek! 

9) My favourite non alcoholic drink is TEA!! – White, strong, no sugar (builders tea!)

10) Favourite alcoholic drink….I like cocktails and vodka

11) I am 5ft 1 inches

12) Size 3.5 feet but wear size 4 shoes

13) My natural hair colour is mid brown and boring. It is currently a red sort of colour but about to redye it blackcurrent which is a bright, vibrant red/purple sort of colour.

14) I have 10 piercings. 6 in my left ear and 4 in my right. I love piercings and am planning on getting some more!

15) I have one tattoo at the moment.  Its not big and is on my left wrist. Its the sign for Leo which is my birth sign. I am planning on getting another one soon which my friend has designed and represents me and my 3 babies. I am a vine with flowers and the children are butterflies in their fav colours.


16) I have 3 half siblings, 2 younger real siblings. 3 nieces and 3 nephews and am a great aunt! (NO I really am not old!!!)

17) I hate coffee unless its in sweets, cakes or a double moccha

18) From the age of 3-12 I did ballet….I was good at it but around 8 it became something I didn’t enjoy so much…I was finally allowed to give it up when I was 12!

19) I was fairly sporty at school. I played netball and tennis, could do gymnastics but was crap at athletics…hated it with a passion.

20) I used to attend a youth group and at 16 became a youth leader as well as teaching first aid courses to members of the public.

21) I hate speaking in public – I know many people feel this way and this is something I know I will have to deal with eventually. But it makes me very ill so avoid it!

22) I had to take my driving test 7 times – I passed it on the 7th attempt. Anxiety and panic made it really hard. I am a good driver and I got 1 minor on my final test….in fact all my tests I only ever got a couple of minors, it was just my fear which caused me to make errors. I have been driving now for 8 years…No accidents…..touch wood!

23) I am really untidy and disorganised.

24) I like gothic art, especially angels and fairies….those of you who are on twitter may have noticed this! 🙂

25) I am quite shy.

26) The way I look does not really reflect who I am on the inside. People are often surprised at what I have done or what I like.

27) I live in jeans and hoodies, I dont wear make up and I hate being judged for it and being told that I need to be more feminine. I need some money but am going to be more goth/emo….Not really too sure precisely….Can u be a mix?? I think I might be a mix!

28) I hate conformity. I rebel. I am open minded and fairly laid back. I hate when people force their opinions onto others like their way is the only way. I am willing to listen to other peoples ideas, but it doesnt mean I agree. 

29) I lived in Northern Ireland for 2 years.

30) I like reading. My favourite authors are James Patterson and Karen Rose. I love thrillers and can read a book in a couple of hours when I am really well. 

Sorry, some of these were lame, but this was hard work! Now you know a little bit more about me! 🙂


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