30 day challenge for writers

About a week or so ago I was on Twitter and something caught my eye. It was a Tweet by @illhueminati of a picture of a book with handwriting. Being nosey I had a look closer and saw that it was a list of things. The list was the 30 day challenge for writers. Now, whilst I know I am not a writer and will never pretend that I am, this caught my interest because my therapy has ended and I need to focus on something during the day.

My plan is to work through the list at my own pace, so I may do it everyday for awhile or I may only manage once a week. But I am going to encourage myself to work through this list until I have covered everything on it.  Looking at the list now there are some pretty straightforward items, but there are also several which will be really hard to write about and will really push me. My thoughts are often distorted and the way I see things doesn’t always make sense to those around me. Perhaps this exercise will help me with my thoughts in everyday things and help me to readjust problem areas.

I sincerely hope that no one is too disappointed that this is not more exciting. For me, this is a huge challenge and I really hope that I can write something for each of them.  I hope that this will be interesting for you and for me and that you will feel inclined to read and support me in this first blogging challenge.











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